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We assist companies to build strong online reputations, and digitally illuminate the associated brands, boosting visibility and driving sales.

Online Reputation Management is all about capturing eyeballs digitally, and painting the right picture of a business for search engines to read out aloud. It also includes keeping out the graffiti that mars reputations. Buyer decision is greatly influenced by what search results and reviews throw up, and it makes sense to be up there, nice and shining. Keeping negative and motivated comments out of the reach through positive brand building is a key component of online reputation management for a company either in India or globally.

At Konvert Klicks, our online reputation management service includes automated and physical monitoring of social media, image management, ambushing and precluding of negative content, healthy engagement and interaction, apart from promoting of content on social media forums.


Our online reputations management service based in India will haul and pitch your positive reviews higher while dispatching the negative ones to the depths. The extensive networks we have established across online media resources gives us the luxury of hitting the curve at the right point.

 Our online reputation management reports will enlighten you. A comprehensive feedback on company image, products or services are compiled, mined from the internet, in exhaustive detail, parked neatly in divisions that make it easy to understand and interpret.  SERPs, acronym for Search Engine Result Pages could be the key to success or plunge a company to the bottom, depending on the impact of negative feedback. Disproportionate negative remarks can divert significant online inquiries and sales that were originally headed your way. Our online reputation management is powered by software which is the very latest on the information highway, helping us to aggressively and ethically assist clients.

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Reputations, positive or negative leave an impact and create a trail. Online Reputation Management is all about utilizing tools to obtain the best results from search engines. Our service is also offered separately to suit specific requirements.

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The foundation of a successful Reputation Management campaign is an in-depth evaluation of your circumstances and objectives. Each of our services can be used separately depending on your needs and targets.

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