SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

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SEO is an important strategy and to build a successful small business both online and offpage optimization is required. A solid SEO strategy helps small businesses to occupy new corners of the market and building awareness of their brand. Because Search engine rank is still the number one source of traffic for most websites. Even paid search, emails or social media together cannot bring bigger than organic results.

So, naturally, small businesses have to focus on their SEO strategy for organic traffic. As their survival and growth highly depend on it.

And the good news is, there are some simple SEO tactics for Small Business which you can execute to improve your organic search, presence and grow of your brand.

So, let’s have a look at some of the easy-to-do SEO strategies.

1. Audit Your Website –

To make changes in your website you must audit your website. You can use free SEO tools for auditing your website such as – SEOptimer, Google Adword, etc. After auditing your website you can clearly see all sorts of error and implement all the solutions as per the requirement.

You have to check SEO attributes like metadata, deep linking, alt texts for images, keyword density, etc. the quantity of content, competitive evaluation of the web contents against contents in competitor sites, loading time of the site, redirect or broken link etc.

2. Create Quality Content –

The quality of the content always impacts the search ranks of your website. The relevancy of your content should be in relation to the target audience. So, your goal is to create useful content, to build a valuable relationship with customers.

In order to provide relevant content, it is important to have a good understanding of audience interests and what they value. You should audit your website regularly to understand the need of your audience.

3. Online Exposure with Local Citations & Directories –

A citation is an online listing for a company, with mandatory information such as website URL, phone number, ratings or reviews, and physical location. Local commendations play a major role in the ranking factor for small businesses. You should expand your online references to your business by seeking inclusion in several online directories.

For citation, it is important to make sure all the information for your business includes brand logos, office locations, phone numbers, addresses, links, and service hours.

4. Focus on Long Tail Queries –

Nowadays we focus more on queries than keywords. Thus, the long tail keywords are important. While keywords are general and are without any real intent, they are no longer effective. But, queries are more valued.

Even, Google values it more so you must start focusing on long-tail queries. A long tail query shows a purpose or intent more than the keywords.

5. Optimize Your Metadata –

Metadata refers to “behind-the-scenes” information about a particular website. Google search bots crawl all things such as ALT text, Meta descriptions and heading tags so Google can provide search results to their users. By optimizing these metadata with keywords, you’ll improve the ranking of your web pages in the search results which is good for your business.

·         Find the most searched queries as per your need

·         Optimize the metadata with the selected key phrases

·         Don’t stuff too many keywords.

·         Make the title tags and Meta descriptions relevant.

6. Visual Content –

To make content successful you can use relevant images and visual contents and optimize text. Actually, visual contents are popular because they make quick learning and leave a good impact on the audience. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity even in visual content.

7. Socializing SEO –


Finally, it is the time for social media to play an effective role to boost the presence of your local business in SEO. Socializing the latest knowledge is an indigenous idea for the promotion of your products, services, and business. 

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