Top Facebook Advertising Guidelines to Get Best performance

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Facebook Marketing

In this evolving digital world, all the platforms whether social media or search engines kept on updating themselves, their policies and their guidelines for advertising purposes. Similarly, there are certain guidelines set by Facebook for advertising on this platform.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in this world. You will be surprised to know that still, 82% of internet users use Facebook actively.

Of course, it’s a big number to target!

But with Facebook Ads, you can cover it all. However, there are few guidelines you have to follow for better performance of your Ad campaigns.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips and tricks on how to do engaging advertising.

You can take a glimpse of it here!

Quality Images –

Images used for Facebook Ads must have the following characters:

  • It must have vibrant colors.
  • Light effects to make it engaging and eye-catchy for customers.
  • Size of the image must be as per the Facebook standards.
  • Your Image must relate to your content.
  • Minimize the size of text used in the images.

Creative Content –

The content tob3e displayed with your ads must be creative, engaging, and unique. After all, content is the only thing where users can spend a minute and then if they like it, they will also click on your link. That click will bring more traffic to your website.

Change As Per Audience –

If you are consistently using the same type of image, content or offers, then there will be a time where the engaging audience will get bored and thus, your result will show the drop as well.

And, to avoid this, you must keep on changing the way your ads and images or content appears, not more often but yes, once you feel that the users are going off the road.

Use Product Name In Your Headings –

It’s advisable to use your product or service name in the headings of your Ad campaign. So, people can easily reach your products or services. Not only the product name but you can include the following things in your content and in your headings:

Include timely words such as – now, today, this week only, etc.

  • You can use digits or numbers such as – Jeans, available in 3 sizes, and 5 ways to lose weight, etc.
  • Sometimes it’s good to mention the price of your product or service like – Buy [product name] at $50, [product name] available at the cheapest price, and more like it.
  • You can also display the discounts you are offering.

Build A Relationship With Users –

It’s good if your audience is engaging with you, but it’s unhealthy if you are not interacting with the targeted audience. If you will provide a bit of extra time to your users or your audience by interacting with them and by giving them a bit of priority, then they will stick with you till the end.

Match you Ads with the Landing Page –

Of course, you must have inserted the link of your landing page, and the audience will reach there easily, but while doing this, you have to understand one thing – The context of your ad will be similar to that of the context of the landing page. It may include a similar image, some sort of product or service description, etc.

This step is not only a faithful experience for the user, but it may also impact how the algorithm of Facebook calculates bid price.

Follow Facebook Policies –

While creating your Ad campaign there are certain rules you have to keep in mind. Some of them are:

  • You can’t promote adult products or adult content.
  • You can’t showcase alcohol and weapons.
  • You are also not allowed to using sexual graphic or violent content.

Just remember that if you can’t adhere to Facebook’s policies, you are at higher risk of getting your entire ad account shut down.

Measure Your Progress –

To measure your progress you can look at the available metrics to decide how people are reacting on your ads. You can also monitor the Click-through rate, as it indicates how appropriate your ad is to your audience. In fact, you can also check the conversion rate to determine the progress of your product.

Winding Up!

We hope that above-written ideas and guidelines will help you in creating a successful ad campaign. If you have any further query, free to comment.

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