Why you need a SSL for your website now?

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High time to think about the security of your sensitive information to be safe from the hackers and the intruders. In computer networks there is exchange of data between the devices at node. Everyone allows the flow of all our information very easily between in this messy network but you never know when a fraudulent activity takes place in between the nodes. Your data can be stolen at any time. So what provides you protection from these intermediates? It is Secure Sockets Layer acronym as SSL which is responsible for protection of our information.

SSL provides high security over the internet between the devices during the communication. It has series of protocols that are defined to work for the purpose. Although it has transparent protocols but still here are many ways you can judge that the website has SSL protection. When you see in the URL of the website https instead of http understand that the website is secure.

How SSL works

SSL works between the network layer and the transport layer which are responsible for the transport of data between client and the server. SSL provides encryption and authentication of this data by giving end to end service for the data flow. This encryption is done via various protocols such as handshake protocol, record protocol and many more in which public key cryptography is used for authentication.

Every website can use SSL protocol but it requires SSL certification also. With the SSL certification the information becomes readable only and only for the server to which it is sent and is not trapped in mid. When any user requests for a web address, server provides SSL certificate and a public key. Brower checks the certicate and send encrypted key using the public key which is decrypted by server using private key and then starts the session for data transmission.

Need for SSL

It is very important to have SSL as it provides trust to the users that their personal information is secure and do not fear in entering the details for the transactions. It is very important to know that the information you are entering is delivered to right server and the response which is received is correct that shows integrity of data.  Also if a website is dealing with the information of persons bank details transaction such as credit card debits card so it is necessary to have SSL certificate for PCI compliance.

Users must be ensured that the connection or the server they are connecting with is the same to which they actually want to connect. It protects our communications and saves us from any mis-happenings. SSL also plays a key factor in ranking of the websites as Google uses this as one of the parameters to rate the websites. This also helps to increase the customers and traffic on the website which increases sales of the website. It develops trust of the users and leads to positive marketing of the website.

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