Everest Mart

Everest Mart

Everest-Mart is one of the leaders in the retail shopping store sector, which is physically located at the United Kingdom and serving in selling Asian, Indian(South Indian & North Indian), Sri-Lankan, Oriental, Afro-Caribbean, and Nepalese grocery products. Everest Mart was introduced in the year 2010 with an aim to market all the basic kitchen necessities at the most competitive pricing.

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Website Development

Project Timeline

Everest Mart

How we helped Everest-Mart to go for an online eCommerce Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform?

As Everest-Mart was facing severe challenges in the market after the 1st Covid-19 lockdown. So, we suggested they embrace an online e-commerce multivendor platform as the majority of the retail businesses were witnessing an online paradigm shift.

Being a newbie on the online domain, Everest Mart was really facing initial challenges from where to initiate & where to end. So, they consulted us and we proposed to them a plan to build a website on the best E-Commerce building platform i.e. Magento2 so that everything goes perfectly & they can achieve their desired goals.

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The Big Challenge

  1. At the start, the website was hosted on Hostgator and it was a shared hosting, which does not support the stripe payment gateway feature which is the best payment gateway for international payments.
  2. The Magento-2 theme that we’re currently using was not upgradable, so you cannot make further changes or can get any support from the theme creator company. The theme last updated 20 Aug 2020. https://themeforest.net/item/sagitta-mega-store-responsive-magento-1-2-theme/7701309
  3. The client was only having the data about the products but their proper segregation and categorization haven’t been done. Also, the list provided by the client wasn’t organized.
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Konvert Klick’s Smart Strategy

After the platform to build the website was selected, we again faced another challenge of the type of platform to develop, whether it would be only a single retail selling platform or shall we opt for a Multi-Vendor platform like Amazon. So, finally, we came up with the solution of building a multi-vendor e-commerce platform so that we can provide a blend to both the wholesalers and the retailer’s both simultaneously building our own e-commerce brand.

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Steps we took

  • Developed the website using the latest technology of Magento-2, the best e-commerce website development platform which provides easy third-party integrations, built-in up-sells & cross-sells and also customizing security permissions, etc.
  • We designed, developed, and created the whole database for all the products & categories on MySQL.
  • We upgraded hosting from shared hosting to Cloud hosting which not only provides fast speed & easy access but is also the cheapest hosting service provider on Cloud.
  • We recommended Everest-Mart to build a multivendor website which as a customer where seller and buyer come together and also created a wholesale market online for making bulk orders henceforth end up buying the best product among different brands.
  • One of the best features of Magento-2 is its writing style pattern & offers on which we have functioned. Some of them are crucial specifications like highlighting the details of the offer, being transparent with the customers for more engagement like professional and precise writings for the businesses such as information about prices, product quality, delay or confirmation, etc.
  • We have also introduced DPD shipping integration in the website wherein you can set an automatic mode and as soon as the customer orders the product fulfilled by DPD, the shipment will be created automatically.
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Magento 2

Ready to Shop Website

The website Everestmart.com is live with all the products updated and organized in a professional manner with the business constructing options for both the retailers and wholesalers.


The Big challenges (Organized data, Magento-2 theme automation & Hosting) were smartly tamed by Konvert Klicks by regular implementation with foremost solutions that can be seen as a result with the Live Everest-Mart website launched including all the different types of integrations like payment gateways, shipping & in-store integrations. The website is fully functional and ready to serve products of different brands with the customers.

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