2019 Trends of Social Media Marketing

2019 Trends of Social Media Marketing

Social media is always changing to be its new platforms, varied forms of communication, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.) are always coming up with new characteristics.

These changes help users to engage in the number of different ways with their online brands and also give marketers a chance to entertain their viewers through a pattern of tools and tactics.

Right before starting of every year, it’s advisable to review your existing strategies of social media marketing.

A closer glimpse at your past campaigns, social posts, and analytics can help you to get ready for 2019.

Since the social media aspects are changing at a fast speed, it’s necessary to catch up with all the latest trends every year to assure that your strategy is still strong & successful.

Some of the ways to improve your social media strategies are as follows:

Social Monitoring

Social monitoring (listening) is the act of crawling the social media platforms to find all the mentions of a brand. The primary goals of social listening are customer service and reputation management.

In the year 2019, the real trend will be started for using social media listening for lead generation and selling socially.

You will be glad to know that so far, only a small number of brands have had followed this trend. Though the number of marketers is gradually rising because they understand what exactly people are looking for on social media.

Don’t Just Read, Watch the Content

2019 is all about watching the content. I say so, because nowadays people like video content more and thus, it is becoming a key area on which marketers need to focus.

According to some facts, “The video is going to control social media even in the year 2019, as it was, in 2018.”

According to the experts by making presence across the video platforms, marketers can benefit from the fruitful results of engaging a huge audience.

Marketers can perform the following actions as well:

• Engage and build connections with online influencers.
• Finance exponentially more in newer content mediums.

The Rise of Micro-Influencers

Social media influencers have become a major trend. And as a result, we have Instagram stars, Twitter influencers, YouTube millionaires, etc. These famous people have millions of followers.

And, these followers like their every post, or vlog, and tweet.  However, all the social media influencers who have grown over time increase their prices for their services which lead more businesses to look at other alternatives which generally, includes micro-influencer marketing.

Micro-influencers have fewer than 10 000 people as their followers and they are often recognized as experts in their niche. These are trustworthy and have high marketing potential.

AI and Customer Service

Platforms like Google, Amazon and Facebook have been quick to use artificial intelligence to improve customer interaction, unexpectedly in the form of online customer service.

According to the Huffington Post, 60% of the millennial population uses chatbots and 71% have intended to try using one. In 2019, more and more brands will extend their online customer service.

Stories & Factors which Makes Stories Successful

There are currently more than 400 million people who watch stories on Instagram on a daily basis, whereas Facebook is trying to combine stories to its daily routines. Social media advertisers have already realized that stories are everywhere whether it is Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.

Some popular ways to make your story successful are:

• easy to create
• fun and engaging
• spontaneous
• not much editing before uploading them


2018 has been a big year for social media networks and probably affect the future of marketing more than what we can aspect. Social media is always done with small steps to improve trust, transparency, authentic engagement and genuine followers. But, there is still a long way for brands to pay attention to the latest social media trends.

So, it’s better to start applying the above steps to your social media strategy instead of old tricks that might not work anymore.

And, as a marketer, I believe that these trends come into more significant effect and to change lives for the better. As of now, 2019 will prove to be challenging for marketers, but new tools and options will improve the user method, and provide innovative ways to combine and change in real-time.