5 Reasons Why you need a Mobile Friendly Website in 2018

5 Reasons Why you need a Mobile Friendly Website in 2018

Most handy technology today is mobile phones which each and everyone has. Reduction of cost is one of the factors that has made android available to all. When you want to get comfort while accessing the internet, no one looks for PC or Laptop. The thing you prefer is mobile as it is easy and can be used anywhere. You can have access to all the websites and apps in a friendly manner. Hence it is very important for developers to go with the trend and develop mobile-friendly websites. Here are several reasons mentioned below for developing mobile-friendly websites.

Good response of customers

According to research, 96 % of the users search Google for small to big queries. Most of the users using a mobile-friendly website are action-oriented. They increase the sale of the business generating to profits which everyone is working for. It’s important to have the presence of a business where you find most of the customers available than.

High ranking by Google

As the mobile-friendly website is quite advanced in design so it is rated at the top by Google this is one of the crucial profit for SEO and online marketers. In fact, Google is penalizing those websites which are not mobile responsive. Google has different algorithms to recognize whether the site is desktop friendly or mobile friendly and accordingly it provides the ranking and put good quality as well as an easily accessible website at\ the top result for the customers.


A website which is responsive is always cost-effective. Think of a website that you developed paying a lot of money but it is not giving any sale. Would you like to continue your business with it? If you do you are on the wrong track. So always look to put up your marketing and money where you can get plenty of responses and that would definitely increase your business.

Increase local traffic

You design your website spend a good amount for its marketing but what if the business is taken away by your competitors. Such business has to be closed at the end; you wish or don’t as no business can run in the loss. The reason that organic traffic increases on mobile are very clear. If the number of mobile users is more than the desktop users so definitely they will access mobile-friendly websites more than the desktop-friendly websites this would also help you in increases ranking in search engines.

Increases Credibility and Reputation

It is very important nowadays to seek credibility of the websites and apps as well. You very well know that users are very smart now. Before they purchase anything online they check the reviews of other customers and also the credibility and then only go ahead with the shopping. So it is very important to build a good reputation for a business so that the buyers can develop trust in that website and you can generate the desired revenue.

5 Reasons Why you need a Mobile Friendly Website in 2018