5 SEO Strategies Every Dentist Must Follow

5 SEO Strategies Every Dentist Must Follow

Dentists are always in search of patients for their business and always try to figure out the best marketing options as well. So, you may consider social media platforms, offering incentives for referrals, print marketing, or even TV/radio commercials.

While these marketing strategies are great ways to bring new clients, it is important to have the majority of patients searching for you on Google.

To achieve this you need to have some SEO tactics with you, so your dental practice can easily be detected. Use these 5 SEO strategies to help increase your organic rankings:

Local Search Strategy

You have to create local business listings in directories such as Google and Yelp. This way you can build your online exposure and increase your website’s visibility.

However, the business listings need to be consistent across the board, only then your online credibility and rankings will not suffer.

So, it is also important to monitor each listing and ensure that they are all the same, consistent, accurate with your contact number, address, websites URL, logo, etc.

If you don’t want to go through this pain, you can hire us for Local SEO Services.

More Visuals Engage more Audience

Videos are one of a great way to keep the audience engaged and entertained. But you must be aware that videos can boost your online visibility as well.

Videos result in higher click rates, organic page rankings, organic traffic, etc. There are a lot of possibilities for you to create and share videos. If you decide to share the video, make sure to post it with relevant keywords so that Google can easily find it.

Keep Your Website Fresh

Google always is in search of good quality of content on the web to decide it for its relevancy. And by having a blog with relevant posts on a regular basis, you are indicating to Google that you are a valuable resource. Once Google recognizes your posts, your rankings will rise.

So, we suggest blogging constantly and keeping your dental blog focused on oral health and local events.

Mobile Friendly Website

It’s good to have a website with less page load time on desktops but Google will definitely rank your site better if it is optimized and responsive for mobile phones as well. We like to suggest you make your website mobile friendly.

Be More Active on Social Media

You may use social media accounts for engaging with your patients or boosting your online visibility. But, having active social media accounts to share relevant news about dental practice.

This way your website can rank good score in Google. And active social media accounts can drive more traffic back to your website as well.


So, we hope you are clear with the tactics of SEO for your dentistry website. Now, you can effectively have your organic traffic, direct traffic, and referral traffic as well.

Don’t sit back start working now!

5 SEO Strategies Every Dentist Must Follow