Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 4

Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 4

Let’s start with what is [GA4]?

GA4 is an event-based platform; when a user returns to a site, GA4 saves all events they complete rather than starting a new session. It helps Google to more precisely de-duplicate users and highlights what people do on your site as opposed to just caring that they arrive.

Universal Analytics is based on sessions, but GA4 uses a new measurement model called the Event + Parameter model. A page view isn’t available on apps so here GA4 picking up common data in the form of events

How impactful is [GA4] in terms of SEO

Previously, you had to use the GA property built for monitoring website data if you wanted to measure your website usage statistics.

In Universal Analytics, if you want to measure your mobile app usage data, you need to use Google Analytics for Firebase or Google Analytics APP view.

There was no simple method to merge data from your mobile app and website for unified reporting and analysis. However, this has all changed with the introduction of GA4 property (formerly known as APP+Web Property).

Unlike Universal Analytics (UA), GA4 allows you to track the performance of a website, an app, or both a website and an app simultaneously. As a result, data collection from both a website and an app in the same GA property can simplify the statistical analysis, saving time and, therefore, money.

Google Suggests

Even if you don’t have a mobile app, Google recommends that you establish and utilize the GA4 property alongside your GA3 property, as Google is likely to withdraw support for GA3.

We can test GA4 while continuing to use Universal Analytics! As a result, we may swap between attributes as needed.

Is GA4 a replacement for the older GA3 version?

This is a big challenge for SEO because GA4 will not be a perfect replacement for your GA3 property any time soon. It is still not commercially ready, owing to a lack of strong eCommerce reporting and attribution modeling. As a result, maintain your GA3 property intact.

On the other hand, with the GA4 + BigQuery integration, you’ll be able to analyze terabytes of raw data, gain insights from the platform’s machine-learning capabilities, and even stream data straight to BigQuery.

Advantages of using GA4 Property:

  1. Machine learning-powered data modelling
  2. The ability to function with or without the usage of cookies
  3. Prioritization of the customer lifecycle has been reintroduced.
  4. A thorough profile of your target market.
  5. Obtain information for prospective clients.
  6. Determine why one platform performs better than the other.
  7. Find out what problems your users are having with your website/app and invest in infixes.

Note: Cross-device and cross-platform tracking can give you the data to do all of this and more!


  1. Scheduling report or export report isn’t available in GA4.
  2. Many features will be different, making the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 difficult. In addition, because UI/UX is so different from Universal Analytics, it might be challenging to grasp and adapt to it.
  3. It doesn’t have an Attribution model, which is essential in assessing conversion.

How to Setup GA4 account?

  1. Open Google Analytics and choose the analytics account and UA property in the properties & apps section
GA 4 Konvert Klicks

2. Then go to the Admin category in left bottom corner

GA 4 Konvert Klicks 2

3. Select the GA4 Setup Assistant in the Property column

GA 4 Konvert Klicks 3

4. Choose to Get Started – you can find it underneath “I want to create a new Google analytics property”

GA 4 Konvert Klicks 4

5. Now in the final step Select Create Property

GA 4 Konvert Klicks Final

Setup Assistant GA4:

Switching Between GA4 and UA Properties

  1. Open Google Analytics, navigate to the Admin page
  2. In the Property column, click the drop-down option (where the property ID is displayed).
GA4 Konvert Klicks 6

3. This menu allows you to toggle between all current properties.

GA 4 Konvert Klicks 7

4. Select the ID of your Universal Analytics property (which will begin with ‘UA’)

GA 4 Konvert Klicks 8

Link GA4 and Google Ads:


  • Access new Google Ads dimensions in the User acquisition report.
  • Enhance your Google Ads remarketing with Analytics audience data.

How to Link:

  1. Click on Admin in your Analytics.
  2. Use the menu to select the property you want to link in the Property column.
  3. Click Google Ads LinkingUnder Product Linking.
  4. Click on the Link.
  5. Click on Choose Google Ads accounts, then select the Google Ads accounts you want to link.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. Then click Next.
  8. The option to Enable Personalized Advertising is on by default.
  9. Click Next, then review your settings.
  10. Click Submit to link your accounts with the current settings.

Beginners Guide to Google Analytics 4