5 Things an Online Marketer Should Know About Google Analytics

5 Things an Online Marketer Should Know About Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the tools that can let you manage your website on the basis of various analysis provided by it regarding the number of visitors to your website, useful customers, what time the site is used most, type of users taking interest in your website and many more things.

Knowing these things you can fix the flaws and increase the number of healthy customers to your website.

Google Analytics is basically a service provided by Google either free of cost or paid that keeps a track about what is going on your website.

You must know these 5 features about Google Analytics –

1. Customize analysis Results

Google provides with one of the useful feature Dashboards where you can see everything about your website without looking at multiple places. You can keep the metrics that you want to see frequently separately by choosing New Dashboard and adding widgets to it.

Dashboards provide with all the bits that occur on the website including traffic, customer data and lot more. You can even know about conversions in the new custom segment if there is curiosity about it.

2. Find which internal links are clicked the most

Every website provides several links in the content to jump to the relevant content if users want to view. But you should know that from so many links that you provided in the page which are most clicked by the users.

These are the useful links of your page, so keeping a track over it you can edit few from your website making it better for your customers.

3. Do not require to host your website, easy to set up

There is no need for registration for having Google Analytics. Only you require updating your DNS (Domain Name System) record and proving your identity via phone to Google and your work is done. Just sign in now, go through some subsidiary pages and Google will start gathering data for you.

4. Make out the majority of performing pages

Every website contains several pages; you should know which pages views are most interested so that the pages can be shuffled accordingly. This will save the time of users and increase your positive marketing when you know what your people are looking for.

5. Settle on where are visitors located

It is important to know from where most of your visitors are so that you can create changes according to their choices as choices also vary with places not only by individuals. Also, you can use a Goal funnel to know where your people stopping to check the flaws and improve it.