Local SEO Strategy for Doctors

Local SEO Strategy for Doctors

SEO is the entire content configuration so that a website, application or video, image, etc. appears in the first places when you do a search on the internet. SEO means: Search Engine Optimization.

The skill and knowledge that many people have acquired to make content appear in the first places on the Internet, has become almost a very lucrative profession today since the best positioning and presence on the Internet produces money and sales. But when it comes to sales of health services, content marketing services India with good SEO optimization is fundamental.

Local SEO for Doctors

Why does your medical clinic need to perform SEO?

SEO for medical clinics is the key to your health marketing strategies. With organic positioning, you will get great visibility and increased traffic to your website.

When you integrate SEO services and usability strategies, not only are you getting a good position in search engines, but your website is more useful both for the users who browse it and for the Google robots that crawl your website.

By optimizing your website you are helping Google understand what your website is about and if it is useful for users. When Google knows what your website is dedicated to, it will be able to offer it to users who are searching for those terms, with this you will get qualified traffic.

Well executed SEO strategies can provide your website with the differential value from your competition and add value to your users.

The first thing you should do before executing any type of organic positioning strategy is a study of your sector on the internet and the keywords related to your activity that bring more traffic to it. You will be able to optimize your website for the keywords for which you want users to find you in search engines.

The importance of local SEO

In SEO strategies you can position yourself in any country in the world, province, or city. When a doctor or a medical clinic hires these services it is very important that the Digital marketing agency carry out local SEO strategies. The patients of the medical clinics are local users (the vast majority is from a geographical area close to the clinic).

With local SEO services in India you can position yourself using the keywords that will bring the most visits to your website in a certain area.

Local positioning is becoming more and more important to search engines and users. There are many patients who in case of any emergency search in the search engine and go directly to the results of Google My Business, with the aim of locating the nearest medical clinic.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is essential for local SEO, although it is not the only action you must take for local positioning. My Business allows you to register your medical clinic so that it appears in the results of Google, Google Maps, and Google +. It is very important that your clinic has a profile in this Google tool, as it will considerably improve your local medical SEO.

Users close to your clinic will have it geo-located and will know aspects as important to them as the hours, address, opinions, website, etc. This Google tool is very important to optimize since you will get great results and you will be able to attract new patients close to your medical clinic with it.

In Google My Business you can add details such as clinic hours, address, website, images of the facilities, reviews, etc. Reviews are a factor that you must take care of since it is vital for positioning in the Google My Business tool. You must pay attention to the opinions left by users, answering both positive and negative ones.

What benefits you can get form local SEO?

The main advantages of incorporating Google My Business into our local SEO strategy are the following:

  • Your medical clinic will appear in local searches.
  • You provide great added value to your patients since they have information on schedules, addresses, images, and reviews.
  • You can retain and attract customers through Google +.
  • You get very valuable information from this type of local search, with which you can improve your marketing strategies and reach a greater number of patients.


SEO is essential to your online marketing strategies, as it is an investment with high returns. You should always leave this type of strategy in the hands of professionals connect with top seo company in India , the performance will always be much higher.

With local SEO strategies, you can identify the keywords in the healthcare sector that will bring the most traffic to the website. If you optimize the web and you appear among the first positions, the traffic will increase considerably, and thus the possibility of attracting new patients increases.

Organic positioning strategies are complex because the algorithm by which Google positions websites is very changeable. From time to time Google updates this algorithm in which many websites that were well-positioned suddenly disappear or fall several positions.