No Follow vs. Do Follow Links

No Follow vs. Do Follow Links

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the follow links and no-follow links? Or how they benefit us? Are both of them useful? etc, etc.

Well, if you have any query about the above-mentioned question take a look at this article in which we have discussed what are follow or no-follow links? Their advantages, their worthiness, how do they differ from each other, etc.

So let’s start digging and learn something new about the no-follow and follow links!

Before that, let me tell you a single story of two different children. First child name is Amaze and second child name is April. Both are born in a good family. But no one loves to amaze because he is poor and can’t return any favor whereas, people are mad behind April because she belongs to a rich family and returns favors with big gifts.

Now, assume that Amaze = no-follow link because it doesn’t provide authority to your website, whereas April = Follow link, which can easily provide you with a lot of referral traffic from another website. So, that’s why many people are obsessed with follow links.

I hope the above statement has have helped you a bit in understanding what is a basic difference between both types of links.

Time to go back to the topic!

What are the No-follow links?

No-follow links are nothing but hyperlinks with a no-follow tag so that, search bots don’t acknowledge them. Here’s an example –

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

These links have no impact on your search engine results or ranking. And, if we talk in the Google context then you will be surprised to know that Google actually likes nofollow tags because they help in eliminating unreliable content, public forums, comment sections and everywhere else which is prone to spam.

What are the Do-Follow links?

The basic difference between both types of links is No-follow links use no-follow tags whereas, follow links doesn’t. For example –

<a href=”“>Link Text</a>

Links posted on some other website works as a portal to provide value to your website and webpage. These links improve SEO quality by encouraging the links. With the help of such links, Google gets to know that our page and website are valuable, useful, and offer good quality of content. These links are allowed to be read by both Google and its search bots.

I know, I know you might be thinking that just a code difference but still, how we will find the difference between both?

Here we go!

How To Identify The Difference Between a D0 – Follow & No Follow –

It is an easy trick; all you have to do is to check the backstage of a website. Yes, you are thinking right!

Open Chrome < click View < Developer < View Source or you can simply right click and click on inspect.

Now click Edit < Find and type in “nofollow” into the search box.

Then you can see that it highlighted the search term on that page. There you go, you can see all the no-follow links.

Perks of Do-Follow Links in SEO –

A high-quality Follow link indicates to Google that your website is credible, reliable and providing good content. And, as a result, there will be a fair and good chance for your WebPages to appear on top positions in Search Engine Result Pages.

Perks of No-Follow Links in SEO –

Just because no-follow links doesn’t help much, we can’t boycott them from our website.  There is a need to maintain the balance between both follow and no-follow links.

No-follow links might not help you in ranking in Google but, they help in generating leads, higher conversion rates, and increase brand awareness.

Which works best for SEO?

There is no conclusion to for whether follow links are best in SEO or no-follow. Because they both play a major role in securing a good position on Google and helps in bring traffic, leads, and sales to your website.

Wrapping Up –

It is always advisable to et a link whether follow or no-follow from a good website to drive huge traffic. But this is not an easy task, not every person provide you referrals and also you can’t force anyone for such things.

Further, I would also like to inform you that if you are not getting valuable follow links then don’t undervalue the power of no-follow links because they may be they can’t help in boosting your SEO but they can surely help in building your brand name in front of the right audience. Also, always make sure that your links lead to quality content!

For further queries or issues, you are welcome to fill our comment section. In fact, we won’t mind if you keep on sharing such amazing information about no-follow or follow links with your friends!

No Follow vs. Do Follow Links