Social Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Institutes

Social Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Institutes

Given the competition in the current market space, everyone needs to be online to stay ahead of the competitors. Be it the education sector or any other sector, everyone needs to understand the importance of digital platforms. Social media here can be a great opportunity for the schools to drive enrolment and boost engagement. However, despite the importance of digital marketing, the universities choose different tactics, which brings in no results.

Given the high popularity of social media, making use of online platforms can be extremely beneficial. However, this might require the assistance of higher education marketing consultants. Now let’s check out the ways social media platforms can be used for bringing better results for the universities and colleges.

1. Start education marketing

A social media campaign is an effective marketing strategy that is done to increase the interactions with the audience and attract more users. You must know that a social media campaign is different from everyday posting. It must be strategic and focus on the goal on social media platforms. For instance, posts can be created for a specific situation or with a specific goal that is meant for the users who are eager to know about it.

2. Benefit from user-generated content

A successful way of increasing the interaction on social media is by allowing the existing students to get involved with social media accounts. The students are already active on different social media platforms. For instance, you can ask them to create hashtags for the major events happening like orientation, graduation day, etc. When the student promotes the hashtags, it will help feature your institution better on the platforms.

3. Create social media groups

Using social media groups, you can connect to the targeted audience better. For instance, you can create a separate Facebook group that helps cater to the needs of the smaller audience present within the university community like club groups, alumni groups, etc. They are a great way for creating discussions, interacting with the community members, and sharing announcements.

4. Be platform-specific

Each social media platform is unique. Thus the academic institutions must contact digital marketing agencies for higher education institutes. This will guarantee you get customized services meant for different social media platforms. For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn can be used for connecting better with alumni and students. At the same time, Snapchat on Instagram is a reliable platform for posting videos and photos. Besides this, Pinterest can be used for brand awareness. So although you might not be able to use all the social media platforms, using different features of these channels can be beneficial.

5. Post-audience-specific content

It must be kept in mind that a social media strategy must deliver content that is useful for the audience. Thus it will be better if the account managers consider getting separate accounts for different aspects of university life. By creating separate accounts for each department or network within the university, the contents can be customized better and reach out to the specific audience who follow the feed.

6. Go live

By tracking and sharing details of your school with the audience in real-time can help get a boost and engage with the followers. It is a trend that helps build a consistent social media presence. Besides, it also allows the audience to get some valuable information about the academic institutions. You can consider going live when there is a special event on the campus or even small workshops to offer the audience some inside view.

7. Share stories

Coming up with social media stories in the form of photos and videos can be a fun and exciting way to attract more audiences. The features are available on all of the major social media platforms. Using the geotagging filters, you can share the location of the university or information about where the event is happening. Most of the universities are already making use of it to benefit from the opportunity.

8. Create brand awareness

When there is big news about your university, you must share it online. For example, you can click images of the campus during sunset and put them up on Instagram. In simple words, it is essential that you show off your academic institution. Herein the institution will act like a business, and you have to create brand awareness for it to reach out to prospective students using social networking.

9. Automate repetitive task

To stay consistent on social media platforms, you must post regularly. You can schedule your post using a calendar to keep up with the publishing frequency. A content calendar will offer control over the publishing strategy as it allows you to focus on the bigger picture. Besides, it will help with free uploads of the time because maintaining different social media accounts can be quite a tough job. But make sure that you consider hiring higher education marketing consultants to guarantee you come up with a post that is effective and attractive for the audience.

10. Use social media analytics

Once you have support from a digital marketing agency for your higher education institute, they will analyze the results and see if it is working. Understanding different social media analytics can be quite difficult. Having professional support here will make a great difference. After analyzing the result, the professionals will customize a strategy to bring and positive results.


Digital marketing for higher education institutes is not difficult when you have the right idea. But given the competition level, it is essential to have professional support. Therefore, you must consider contacting higher education marketing consultants for proper and results. Konvert Klicks is the one you can rely on to get the right assistance. They have experienced professionals who will come up with a customized plan for your educational institute and will guarantee to drive more audience to your institute. With a customized plan and proper analytics, the professionals will deliver positive results. So make sure you hire them for the required service.