Tips to Improve Your Clinic Ranking to First Page of Google

Tips to Improve Your Clinic Ranking to First Page of Google

With the growing competition, everyone wants the google search results to show their medical website at the top. This is because of the simple reason 73% of the patients look for health practitioners online, while 89% of them visit search engines while looking for a solution to the health care queries.

Now, as 55% of the total searches visit the first three entries, if your website or center isn’t in the top 3 searches, you will surely lose a patient to your competitors.

Therefore, to ensure you stay on top, the best answer is to add a medical search engine optimization dose.

Tips to Improve Your Clinic’s Rank on Google

There is a reason why things stay on the top of Google search results. The outputs on the Google search results are based entirely on the algorithms designed, including the most relevant links and answers to the visitors’ search queries.

While there are more than 200 ranking factors, here are the top 4 you need to consider in general.

TIP #1 – Make Your Website Secure, Fast & Mobile-Friendly

All three security, speed, and mobile-friendliness are the ranking factors of Google. Just in case, the website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, almost every visitor will prefer to backspace rather than staying on the page.

As Google wants to provide the visitors with the available best of resources, be sure they won’t put your website in the top search results.

So it’s better to have a fast website that loads in a fraction of a second or half a second. Security again is an essential ranking factor as if you don’t have a secure website, you will face bigger problems than SEO.

Lastly, you need to have a mobile-friendly website as most of the search happens through mobile devices.

Even the studies have revealed, mobile usage will be increasing to a great extent in the mere future. So, it is always better to be prepared for the upcoming challenges.

Mobile Friendly Website

TIP #2 – Create Quality Content for Your Website

A website not only needs to be mobile-friendly, secured, and fast but also needs to have all the essential pages of quality content well optimized for SEO.

A quality content here means content that generally helps or makes the target audience’s lives easier or better. In simple terms, you need to have a content-based entirely on your patient’s needs and wants.

TIP #3 – Research Keywords Related to Your Skill

To better optimize your SEO content, your healthcare business is required to have the best content creation using the best available industry keywords. No doubt all the specializations vary but considering most patients look for local Medical Services, you can develop a basic foundation using the following medical SEO keywords

  • Neurologist+ your city
  • Neurologists+ your city and more

However, you must know that keywords will differ based on your specific practice. You can use Google keyword planner to get the best keywords for your content. Further, make sure to avoid stuffing keywords as Google can easily catch it, and you will be penalized.


TIP#4 – Use Schema Markups

An essential ranking signal is the webpage title tag. No doubt the meta descriptions had much more weightage, but as of now it spits out automated meta descriptions based upon your content. However, filling out both the sections is still a necessary requirement.

For a WordPress medical website, if you have one, you can try to install the plugin for editing the titles as well as the meta descriptions. Further, we recommend to include keywords in both meta description and title tag and add schema for doctors.

Schema is a kind of website code that gives Google more information and contacts about your website or page. A website schema, it will definitely help for taking the website up on google automatically. For sure, it will be much easier for interpretation of the search engines and would make it much more likely to take the space in the higher search rankings.


Figuring out SEO is the key for a medical facility or Healthcare business to rank on the top of search results. However, you must know that for all solutions, one size SEO fit won’t work. One needs to diagnose the entire situation and then develop the best solutions for their particular business. So, it is very important for taking the right assistance from a professional company.

Konvert Klicks can be your perfect partner and can help you right to make your search engine presence and keep you ahead of your competitors in the long run. Further, we ensure that you never miss out on any good opportunity, and your digital marketing priorities are always taken care of.