Top 10 Best Keyword Research & Analysis Tools for SEO

Top 10 Best Keyword Research & Analysis Tools for SEO

For new SEO, keywords are necessary. But what is a keyword? A keyword is a word or set of words that help search engines identify the topics of your content. Keywords can be analyzed through algorithms that users employ in their queries that are used throughout a piece of content.

For businesses, a keyword is relevant because they can come up in their search engine ranking when people search for keywords that are relevant for their goods or services.

For example, if you sell a blood sugar tracking machine, you must include the phrase ‘blood sugar machine’ on your website. Your website holds a fair chance to be visible on the first page of the search engine when people type a blood sugar machine in the search engine.

Therefore it is evident that keyword research is crucial for businesses. Whether you are developing your content or giving a push to the old blogs, if your content contains a good quality keyword, you can attract consistent traffic to your website.

Here is a list of some of the best keyword research tools that will help you make your content a success.


SEMrush is a great keyword for generating tools. After analyzing your competitors’ website, it suggests 5 to 10 precise keywords that are already being used by your competitors. Its standard features include providing yearly keyword trends to its users, access to the complete keyword research toolkit, analysis of keyword difficulty, and insights on organic traffic. SEMrush provides to its users four different pricing plans, namely, pro, guru, business, and enterprise. The price varies depending upon the type of business you conduct. For example, SEMrush’s business plan is for e-commerce companies and agencies; the Guru plan is for small to mid-sized businesses.


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is one of the best tools that provide a broad keyword report to its users. This research tool relies on clickstream data to provide unique solutions. The tool provides accurate keyword difficulty score, 1000+ keyword solutions, extensive SERP overview, and click metrics for improving CTR. This tool is supported in over 171 countries hence beneficial. It has four pricing plans for online marketers, mid-sized organizations, bigger brands, and freelancers. They also have seven days trial offer at only $7.

Google Keyword Planner

it is a simple option for users looking for a keyword research tool with only a few basic features. Despite the limited number of features, it is one of the most accurate sources of keyword data in the market. The data that it generates come directly from Google, and all the researches easily integrate with Adsense monetization. It includes features like locating commercial keywords using the “top of page” bid range and providing accurate search volume from Google’s search engine. It is the best choice for business websites, and its facilities are available for free.


It helps to find keywords with low SEO difficulty. Its services are available along with other useful features. KWFinder provides for a unique and easy to navigate UI, finds keywords in any language from anywhere, select the best options from the list of most powerful keywords. It also provides an in-depth SERP overview along with a list of all the suggestions. It uses filters to refine the list of keyword suggestions and provide the best suitable keywords. The tools come in a package that includes four other SEO tools. It offers three types of annual plans- basic, premium, and agency. Different types of plans are for different types of businesses. For example, a premium is for new startups, agency for e-commerce stores, and basic for small and freelance businesses.

Long Tail Pro

The new standard of SEO is the long-tail keywords, and Long Tail Pro generates the same for niche sites. Its standout features provide for powerful, and specific keywords, recommendations for attracting organic traffic, and 2500+ SERP lookups every day. It also helps in finding long-tail keywords easily. It is a premium tool that offers a free 7-day trial. It offers only three plans to its user’s agency, pro, and starter.


It is an SEO tool that tracks the health of your site. It is perfect for users who cannot invest a lot in the complicated support for SEO such as, small businesses and new blogs. It has standout features that provide all SEO features in a single toolkit, easy to target phrases, research competition on each keyword, and the trustworthy vs. authority graph for its analysis. Majestic provides its users with three free searches, and after getting satisfied, the users can go for their single annual billing option.

Keyword Tool

It is one of the top keyword research tools. It offers analysis for various search engines, including YouTube, Google, Amazon, Bing, and Google App Store. It helps to find great keywords using Google Autocomplete. It supplements the users’ social media marketing with keyword analysis of Twitter and Instagram. It can easily export results to CSV and ideal for simple UX for beginners. The keyword tool is free for the first 750+ keywords and is incredibly easy to get started. It also has only one basic plan at $69 per month.


Serpstat provides a complete SEO package for its users that includes keyword research, website analytics, SERP analysis, website audit features, and rank tracker. It provides an all-in-one solution to its users. The users can easily know their competition using the competitor graph feature of the tool. It helps in finding keyword difficulty and trends. It is one of the most budget-friendly tools. Users can use this tool a few times for free; however, to use the services for a long time, they need a personal plan that costs only $55 per month.

Moz Keyword Explorer

It is easy to use and provides out-of-the-box keyword recommendations. Apart from providing all the features that a keyword research tool must provide, it also provides two very unique data points, Organic CTR score, and Priority score. Users can easily get related keywords solution that, too, with a one-month trial period.


It helps in analyzing your competitors’ SEO strategies. It helps in searching virtually untapped keywords that are valuable. It compares different websites that are competing for a single search term and identifies the keywords. It also discovers ranking difficulty and provides additional modules for in-depth domain analysis. It provides monthly results to its users and not real-time feedback.

Depending upon the type of business you have, you can select any one of the keywords research tools from the list mentioned above. All the tools mentioned above are competent enough to provide you with the most suitable keywords that will result in your business growth.