Chang Dental Group

Chang Dental Group

Chang Dental Group is a leading Dentist in Massachusetts (USA) approached Konvert Klicks for a more strategic approach via pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. As they were interested in a higher conversion rate, more lead generation, and increased targeted response.

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Project Timeline

Chang Dental Group


PPC advertising is nothing but ads served whenever a user searches queries on search engines. Most of the clients believe that the higher the general keywords mean broad geographic reach. However, PPC’s success depends on targeting the right person at the right time along with the right message.

Thus, it was clear to us that we need to refine the Dr. Chang Dental Group strategy and use more action-oriented keywords, along with the targeted geographic regions.

How We Tackle the Challenge

Konvert Klicks helped this leading dental group in identifying key service lines to narrow focus. Moreover, based on the locations and other demographic criteria, they reduced the geo-target for each campaign. We performed following tasks –

  • Detailed Keyword Research to find out the conversion driven keywords
  • Setting up campaign with proper structuring of Ad Groups, Keywords & Ad Copies
  • Created a landing page to increase the Quality Score and to get maximum outcomes
  • Ad Copies created to get CTR as per the industry standard.

Similarly setting up and managing the campaign to get maximum leads in min budget. Our experienced PPC experts helped our client to get the desired outcome – quality leads.

Proven Results

In 3 month, we have achieved the following results –

  • We got a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 5.78%,
  • By spending more $5000/- which have generated more than 2700 clicks at an avg cost per click of $2.06.
  • We generated a 122 quality book an appointment leads and additional clinic visits and phone calls.
  • During this period, we managed a quality score of above 7 out of 10.
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