Premier Tarphire

Premier Tarphire

Premier Tarp Hire is one of the foremost and oldest tarp supplier company in Australia. They provide all sorts of tarps on rent such as – industrial, residential and for commercial purposes in Sydney and Melbourne. They charge a very minimal price, as compared to their competitors.

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Project Timeline

Premier Tarphire


Being an old running company, they don’t have much online presence on which is directly or indirectly affecting their sales. One of the reason was also they are not getting much organic traffic on their website, which is indirectly blocking their path in creating a good online presence.

How We Tackle the Challenge

We accept this challenge faced by Premier Tarp Hire. We start working regularly on basics metrics such as selecting keywords, their ranking, website optimizations, link building, internal linking, images, webpages, content and a lot.

We all know to bring online presence to any website you have to take a few major steps. And, we followed the same.

  • To achieve our target we start by researching the keywords with high search volume and medium competition. Good and right keywords often help in building a long run brand name online.
  • Next, we created fresh & unique content, removed the internal duplicate content, & resolved all the technical issues of the site which hindering its performance on search engines.
  • We removed the crawling and indexing issue of the website to make webpages indexed in Google.

After rectifying this issue, most of the website problems were solved.

  • To boost SEO performance, we moved website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Challenges are everywhere, and facing them with a strong team and support make it won in halfway. With our experienced team, we delivered satisfactory results.

As a result, the website with no online presence is now ranking on the first page of

Proven Results

Within the time period of six months, we have achieved the following results

  • more then 60% if targeted keywords start ranking on the first page of Google.
  • These keywords ranking gave huge traffic & lead to the website.
  • There was about 70% if improvement from the last few months in the websites traffic.
  • And, the cherry on the cake is 272%  increment in the ROI.

We not only complete the target but also achieved more than expected by Premier Tarp Hire.

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